Seawall Services

Steel Seawalls

A very popular option for preventing erosion. The tie back rods are 3/4″ threaded rods running to a steel anchor about 4 to 10 feet in length up land of seawall.

Our back-fill process is done with class 2 sand or whichever material best suits the present conditions and what we are trying to achieve with the drainage system behind the wall. We can also use straw or a straw blanket, if requested by the customer.

Plain steel seawalls are constructed with non-coated bare steel sheet piling, angle iron capping, and plain finish hardware. Our 3.5″-5″ cap is professionally and securely welded to each and every piling. Each piling will be welded at each joint thus making for an even stronger application. each and every one of our steel seawalls is backed with a 10 year complete warranty.

Steel seawalls have a very long service life and they are the mos economical choice when considering a seawall to protect your shoreline. Plain steel seawalls are also the best option where heavy ice pressure is present and a heavy duty wall is required. Life expectancy of a plain steel wall using 8 gauge material is 25+ years.

Types of Steel Seawalls

Black Steel Seawall System

Galvanized Steel Wall Systems

How is it made?
Plain steel seawalls are constructed with non-coated bare steel sheet piping, angle iron capping, and plain finish hardware.
Are they economical?
Steel seawalls have an incredibly long service life and are the most economical choice when building a sea wall to protect your shoreline.
How long do they last?
Plain steel walls using 8 gauge material can last more than 25 years!
What else?
Not only are plain steel seawalls the best option when heavy ice pressure is present, the walls are able to be painted so that the brown rust color that can appear over time never shows!

Vinyl Seawall Systems

Vinyl SeawallVinyl sheet piling has been a solution of choice for protecting coastal land from erosion since the mid-1990’s. It is a proven product, and millions of feet of shoreline bordering oceans, canals, lakes, streams and ponds has been protected by vinyl sheet piling. It is an attractive, functional product that can add value to any waterfront property. Tidewall is also used effectively as flood walls, either free-standing or to raise the height of existing dikes. Or as cut-off walls, controlling the subterranean movement of water to prevent the undercutting of above-ground structures. Many applications that have used steel sheet piling, wood, or concrete in the past can be converted to Tidewall vinyl sheet piling, resulting in a permanent, high quality wall for a significantly lower cost than these alternatives.

Redi-Rock Wall Systems

What are Redi-Rock Wall Systems? Redi-Rock seawalls are concrete blocks that stack and interlock with one another to create along with coming in a variety of decorative face options and to create limitless desigs. These are not ordinary stones as they are massive in size, weighing 2000+ lbs. each. Redi-Rock Seawalls look just like natural quarried stone and are engineered to providing exceptional strength. Redi-Rock walls are an eco-friendly, recyclable product and that requires absolutely no maintenance. Redi-Rock seawalls are constructed with a geo textile filter fabric installed behind and under the stone with gravel base and fill.


Rock Retaining Wall

Rock retaining wall information

Rip Rap

Applicable to many different shoreline conditions, rip rap uses fractured limestone pieces that range in size from 3”-12” in diameter, smaller for ponds and no wake areas and the larger sizes for river shore lines and inland lake shorelines. This is a very cost efficient way to protect your shoreline. Our dedicated team will excavate your property to the proper grade and then install filter fabric to protect from growth underneath the rocks, and stop erosion when riprap is placed on top.


The process of laying or stacking stones to prevent the run-off that often occurs when living near a shoreline. This then protects the shoreline itself from excessive wake or stormy weather. Our method included very large pieces of limestone. Each individual piece averages in size from 1,000lbs to 1,800lbs. These rocks are then layered together to fit into the natural landscape. These forms of seawall are best for low traffic, and low wake areas. Outcropping is also very popular for landscape and other alternatives on properties.

Installation & Repair

Our team of foreman are dedicated to perform any and all necessary repairs. Including repairs to your piers or various seawalls no matter what. We will come to your home or waterside property, regardless of whether or not we were the one’s to initially design, build or install. Your satisfaction is our highest priority!

Cantilever Dock

Our Custom Designed Cantilever dock system is 100% Maintenance free! With the appropriate frontage, we are able to design & build our Cantilever docking systems. All docks are Decked with 100% pressure treated lumber to with-stand the elements. Docks come backed with our 10 year craftsmanship weld warranty.

Beach Sanding

Boat Wells

Minor Excavating